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Key Performance Parameters [KPP]

Hierarchy of Indicators: Svantesson T. suggests a KPI must be adapted to the organizational hierarchy it will use; he proposes three hierarchical levels for the use of three different measures:

  • Main KPI or Company KPI
  • Basic KPI or Production KPIs
  • Key Performance Parameters (KPP) for support functions and support to production, as in maintenance

Svantesson T [2001]: Course materials handed out at the UTEK conference “Aktuelltinomm underhåll” 2001-11-29, UTEK, SWE (In Swedish)

“First, the information from maintenance or other support areas should ascend to the highest levels.  Second, the maintenance KPP is relegated to the head of maintenance but is difficult to explain, so the third level is divided into levels of leadership, middle managers, and officers, and its KPP are adapted.  Finally, the concept of KPI and KPP is subtle but link the production function to corporate objectives.”

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