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Values for Successful Technical Marketing

Technical Marketing needs values to “Sell the pencil”

Multi-channel advertising includes state-of-the-art technology: print, video, digital to social media, press release, targeting, delivery, analytics, metrics, and more. All formats are increasingly mobile. Various stakeholders’ goals such as client satisfaction, partnering with the right firms, and eventually, better ROI for investors – require more than well-crafted messages.  Projecting values in technical marketing communication is what actually helps businesses grow and prosper.

Microsoft Redesigns the iPod Packaging (abusing technical marketing)

I share this video with all prospective clients (and anyone else who lands in a philosophical conversation about marketing with me) who want to understand what Pathways7 technical marketing is about.  It’s my litmus test to learn whether they laugh (or not) at what technical marketing is and is not.

Yes, engineers and their manufacturing companies rely on convenient access to product specifications, but what values has your company described for which customer purpose?  Technical marketing and company branding becomes a lot simpler to project after your values are well described and lived by.