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CMMS Appliances monitor machines while protecting them from Stuxnet and other cyber-kinetic attacks.

A movie called Zero Days about cyber-warfare subverting Industrial IoT security, or lack there of, presents all the reasons a CMMS Appliance is needed for secure real-time machine monitoring For years we’ve championed hardened appliances to isolate operations technology (OT) from IT networks to protect manufacturers’ network security and machine uptime. A documentary named Zero Days provides a daunting portrayal of our infrastructure’s vulnerability to cyber-kinetic attacks from nation-states. " Watch the movie on Amazon…

Unfortunately, the accepted technologies for communication between industrial control systems (ICS) and IT are PC-based SCADA systems and OPC-UA middleware that include all of the Windows and DCOM vulnerabilities that are susceptible to hackers.

Now that manufacturers and industrial plants are connecting those vulnerabilities to their industrial control systems, hackers can cause physical, real-world damage with code from a virtual one. Hopefully, decision makers will learn about CMMS Appliances before it happens to them!

Learn how a CMMS Appliance is able monitor machines on the factory floor while isolating industrial control systems (OT) from IT networks: CMMS Appliances for Predictive Maintenance