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Information Systems
Industrial Automation

ISA-95 Levels
ISA-95 Standard for End-to-End Network Communication

Information Systems Consulting

We are a systems consulting firm for Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).  We help SMEs use Information Systems to compete more effectively.  Careful and secure data integration that supports company missions is the key to success. 

Our clients are better able to develop new markets, continually improve business and manufacturing processes, and exceed their KPIs.  Our ecosystem of products, channel partners, and clients advance our  manufacturing and supply chain customers’ goals.


Information Systems for
Industrial Automation

Industrial automation has unique market approaches, information systems, and operations.
Information-based decision-making supports effective revenue strategies.

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Customer-Centric Organization

Integration of business units and products to deliver solutions rather than stand-alone products.

Information Systems

Optimize industrial control systems and office databases (CMMS, ERP, CRM) to get real time data in decision makers' hands.

Planned & Predictive

Manage planned obsolescence used by part manufacturers and install real-time machine monitoring to reduce downtime.

What's Your Project?

We contract or consult to help manufacturers and and their supply chains use their data better.

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Industrial IoT Educational Conferences

ATX West 2019: 
"Leveraging Industrial IoT without Compromising Data Privacy or Cyber Security."


Tom Craven, RRAMAC Connected Systems (58:35)
Joe Hopper, Fracture Labs (43:14)
Keary Donovan, Pathways 7 (20:53) 

Systems Consulting
Customer Profiles

At Pathways7, our systems consulting is specific to the organizational roles in Industrial Automation.
Real-time data is provided while respecting departmental responsibilities.

Sales & Marketing

Customer-centric continuous improvement for supply chain

Industry 4.0

Secure data exchange from the network edge to ERP


Real-time machine monitoring integrated with CMMS


Business systems integration with dashboards and reports.

$1.6 Billion Market

IoT Platforms 2021 Forecast

12.4+ Million Jobs

Digitalization v. Labor Study

#1: Quality Control

Quality 4.0 Study


Our Approach to
Information Systems Projects

Our successful Information Systems projects include three organizational characteristics:
Credence, Perseverance, and Benevolence.



Gathering all stakeholders’ input for an accepted, common goal is the foundation of all our clients’ successful Information Systems projects.



A continuous improvement culture is required to compete globally in the Information Age.  Well planned and implemented Information Systems provide the data that fuel the process for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) to compete on a larger scale without breaking the bank..



We believe purpose breeds passion. Successful Information Systems projects begin with the end in mind. What will you and your company contribute when you’re operating at your best?


B2B Testimonials.

Trusting business relationships are key to our success in Information Systems consulting.


Keary Donovan is one of our links to understanding the needs of our factory automation customer base that uses Industrial IoT, and he has delivered new markets through our technology partner program and revenue growth for our firmware. 

Ricardo Buranello

VP of Global Sales, Telit

Pathways7 is an invaluable contributor to our market development goals.  Keary was able to make use of existing software to create more sales leads and opportunities than we’ve ever had.  Integrating information systems greatly improved internal and external communication for better supplier and customer relations.

Steve Leach

Executive VP, Numatic Engineering - a Division of Motion Industries


Industrial Automation Solutions

Our solutions are particular to Industrial Automation and
sharing data across its unique patchwork of technology and operations.

Profit-centered Operations

Automate processes from the edge of the industrial network to customer interfacing departments for improved ROI from existing resources.

Secure, End-to-End
OT-IT Networks

Isolate Operations Technology (OT) on the factory network from Information Technology (IT) on the office network for secure, end-to-end data communication.


Whether it’s dashboards for management, proprietary PLC protocols for engineering, or SQL for IT, data is in the languages that are understood by those that need it.

Internal Experts

Create information systems that are easily understood by those that use them, measure performance, and provide training that build rewarding skills.

According to
Your Schedule

Flexible enough to implement information systems according to your schedule and your budget.

Business Relationships

Work well done equals thriving in all aspects of life.  Well run information systems contribute towards rewarding business relationships which we revere.

Start with an introduction to you and your project...


Educational Content

Information Systems in Industrial Automation are made up of IIoT hardware and CMMS / ERP applications.
The purpose of our blog is to empower SMEs (Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises) integrating IIoT, CMMS, and ERP.

Industry 4.0 for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises

Access to information along with the disbursement of technology has allowed individuals and SMEs to stay ahead of the curve with their information systems. We came of age with notions of an Information Age and have expected our professions to be part of this transistion. The Pathways7 blog includes educational content to assist manufacturers and their supply chain using information systems for a competitive advantage.

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About Pathways7

Helping SMEs use IS to compete effectively.

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